Kawai VPC1 digital piano

These days, quite a number of manufacturers have found the place in the international market in the field of musical instruments. Most of these well-known brands manufacture digital pianos and keyboards. But, most of these leading brands fail to actually manufacture a digital piano which would be more than sufficient for the musicians and truly give them the feel of the instrument. Thus, with a low satisfaction level and less scope to explore and exploit the instrument, the users think it is just a waste of money when it comes to buying digital pianos.

The digital pianos are basically a substitute for the acoustic pianos, and most digital pianos prevalent in the market these days do not have the actual feel, sound quality or the touch of that of an acoustic piano, thus failing in its basic criteria to qualify as a proper digital piano. Moreover, these digital pianos often fail to captivate the nuances which are very important and inevitable part of an acoustic piano which makes it what it is. And this is where the Kawai series of digital pianos make their mark. With the presence of few extensively unique features, these pianos are a landmark range in its league. This range makes Kawai and their range of digital pianos very impressive and appealing to the users. And the Kawai VPC 1 digital piano deserves mention here as it is basic but yet worthy to qualify as one of the best digital pianos in the international market. You can read more about the Kawai VPC 1 here.

The Kawai VPC 1 digital piano has a classy and elegant look. This entry-level piano is worth adoring by its looks as well as its features. This instrument has a set of 88 real wood long keys which are moisture resistant and are available in different touch formats, namely, hard, medium, soft and fixed. The users of this piano have quite a variety to select from according to their fancy and décor. It also features three pedals, allocated for three various functions of sound modulations. The three pedals can be used to manipulate or add to the sound effect with a damper or a softer note. With a height of 7.33″, a width of 54.33” and a depth of 16.75”, the Kawai VPC1 digital piano is of the regular generalized size and has an average weight of 65 lbs.

The Kawai VPC1 comes in a stylish and curved wooden design. The classic design of this piano is sure to allure you to sit and play the piano. The design of this piano is professional yet simple. If you want to get the best and finest piano playing experience, this is the best piano for you. The top surface of this piano clutter free so this makes room for keeping your laptop, mouse, and other things on the surface.

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